Boosting Your Business through Psychodesign: Turning No to Yes and to be a Marketing Expert

by Wong Sit Wan, Vincent Leong Wing Sum

Publisher - Humanology Sdn Bhd

Category - Finance & Investments

The quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” By John Wanamaker, father of modern advertising and a pioneer in marketing capture our interest to venture into this book “Boosting Your Business through PsychoDesign”. There are many books written on Neuromarketing. Those books have been widely used to improve and optimise marketing material such as brochure, poster, leafl et, digital content and product packaging from the result of Neuroscience research and theories to study consumer behaviour to strengthen branding and marketing. The findings reveal that feelings and emotions play an essential role in infl uent consumers’ purchase decision. Most large enterprises including Google, Tesco and Coca-Cola apply Neuromarketing into their marketing strategies because they believe Neuromarketing is a scientifi cally proven method which can be effectively enhanced and improve their marketing strategies and boost profi tability in the end. This book is far beyond Neuromarketing because this book applies psychological and consumer behaviour concept into the 3E Principle - Effectiveness, Efficiency and Economic to boost up the organisation productivity through PsychoDesign.

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