Daily Devotion Gospel of John: a verse by verse expositional commentary

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Publisher - Dr Koh Chan Sing, Andrew

Category - Language & Dictionary

You can understand the Gospel of John:


Archbishop Ng Moon Hing,

Anglican Archbishop of South East Asia. 


This is a simple and non-complicated daily devotional book for people from all walks of life. It is also written in a systematic devotional layout within a gospel story-related manner and presentation. It aims to draw the attention of the readers to pray and to follow the pathway of Jesus as laid out in the Gospel of John from Galilee to Jerusalem. It points to the Son of God coming to seek, save, and strengthen the faith of those who believe in Jesus. 

 Esther Tan, Teacher, Preacher. 

Your devotion book is superb. In this book, we have the Bible, commentary, dictionary, concordance, and prayers. Readers don’t need to take so many books with them. I like it when you explained about religious authorities and the Holy Spirit, etc. Readers do not have to do another research to find out about it. You have explained them to us.


This is a Christ centred, life changing, comprehensive, verse-by-verse expositional commentary, Bible study guide, and daily devotion on every chapter of the Gospel of John. Anyone who study the gospel of John diligently will experience a life changing transformation. The Gospel of John was written that “you may believe that Jesus is the Christ , the Son of God, and by that by believing, you will have life in His name”, John 20:31.


Christ Centred
Life changing
Verse-by-verse exposition
Daily Devotion
Bible Study Guide
Good news that changes everything
The Gospel of Salvation
The Gospel of Grace
The Gospel of Love
The Gospel of Light and Life
Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of John

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