Science For Sustainable Development Islamic and Interfaith Perspectives

by Azrina Sobian,Muhammad Husni Mohd. Amin

Publisher - Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia

Category - Islam

Science for Sustainable Development: Islamic and Interfaith Perspectives, explores the Islamic perspective and approaches in science and sustainable development with emphases on the concepts and definition of sustainable development, the policy and governance of science for sustainable development and the role of economics and ethics as the critical basis of sustainable development. The discussion on “science for sustainable development” in this book is sufficient to show the readers the close relationship of science and sustainable development and the urgent need to consider the issue from the spiritual and cultural perspectives. Leaders, policy-makers, researchers, students and interested individuals who are concerned with the moral, ethical and spiritual dimension of the concept of science for sustainable development will find this book beneficial, especially as an early reference for understanding the interaction of science, sustainable development and spiritual dimensions.

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