1 Corinthians: the greatest of these is love

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Publisher - Dr Koh Chan Sing, Andrew

Category - Christianity

Archbishop Ng Moon Hing, Anglican Archbishop of Southeast Asia


Many people, including Christians, are looking for a perfect church. Someone once said this aptly: 'If you find a perfect church, please do not join it; because once you join it, it will become imperfect.' Christians today are always very critical of their own church and leadership. They seem to think that the grass is greener next door. They are unconsciously hoping for a 'Garden of Eden' within their church. Unfortunately, some Christians resolve to leave their church, which is imperfect, and journey to the next church, which they think is better.  


Apostle Paul has dealt with an imperfect church such as the Church in Corinth. There were full of problems and sins. Some of them "are not even named among the Gentiles". He did not mince his words when he reprimanded the Corinthian Christians, and even calling them carnal or immature. It was a church full of spiritual gifts but lack of 'agape' love. Never at any moment, Paul has hinted to the Corinthian Christians to leave and form another church, rather he urged them to trust God to overcome the difficulties and to bring about change - "Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ". The secret of this imitation is anchored in the embrace of the concept of the LOVE of Christ in all things, including the mind, heart, emotion, action, relationship, obedience, learning, personal living and ministry. 


The author has rightly reminded his readers that Paul's firm affirmation and strong advocacy on 'living righteously and avoid reckless living' is the main pursuit for the Corinthian Christians. This is also true to us today, failing which our churches will only be left with the empty structure of yesteryears. The answer is not in the 'once for all' solution in getting rid of all problems, rather in the life-long process of sanctification i.e. becoming like Christ, until His coming again. 


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